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Our Program and Community

We are looking for program partners who are willing to come alongside us and develop the programs and infrastructure we aim to support. 

What this looks like...

There are currently numerous programs and organizations that help low-income and unsheltered individuals in a variety of ways, but very few specifically target our age demographic, young adults.

We welcome both new and existing programs and organizations to join us in creating opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of young adults. Our goal is to provide financial support for the growth of these programs while also building a resource list for the community we reach through our marketing and messaging.

Some examples of this are:

  • A fitness/wellness program for young adults that focuses on physical somatic movement, meditation, and nutrition, giving young people tools for coping in difficult situations.

  • A bakery that teaches young adults to bake and promote baked goods at local venues, giving the young adults a skill set and business knowledge. 

  • A car dealership that coaches young adults on how to manage their finances when making a large purchase such as a car and gives real-life wisdom that they wouldn’t otherwise gain.

  • A nonprofit faith-based organization that finds elderly homes in the community and engages young adults with community service projects from yard work to visiting people with no family.

  • A mentoring program that focuses specifically on helping young adults complete their education, find secure housing and gain expanded horizons on what is possible for them as they age out of foster care.


As you can see there are opportunities everywhere. Empower Life does not just work with other nonprofit organizations. We understand those small businesses with the heart to help others often do not have the capital to make it happen. We want to be a resource for our entire community so that these programs and the participants begin to pay it forward and return to become leaders in making positive change happen.


Contact us today to begin the conversation on how we can work together!


Snipes H3

Filling in the gaps of public education and government services, Snipes H3 provides temporary housing and mentoring services for young adults ages 18-24

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WAAR Washington Advocacy Research

Gathering data on the impact of support workers on resident outcomes, emphasizing the increased professionalism and standardization certification can bring, and emphasizing the importance of aiding vulnerable populations in our communities

Fist Bump

Take a Break Tri Cities

A break room (also called a “rage room”) is a room where you can break items by throwing them or you can choose a tool that is provided, like a baseball bat or golf club, and break your items! It is a safe place where you will be provided protective gear and can release emotions, de-stress, and have fun!

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