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Empower Life is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of the most vulnerable homeless population, young adults aged 18-24. Our focus is on empowering young adults to move into adulthood with a solid foundation and the ability to take care of themselves in ways most of us take for granted. We do this by providing much-needed funding and goods to individuals, organizations, and programs that are specifically oriented on this vulnerable demographic. 

By handling the task of fundraising for service organizations, programs, and individuals, we aim to ease the burden for them, allowing them to better focus on doing what they do best. It is our goal to support the community of like minded organizations and create a list of active resources for those in need of help. 

Our team of volunteers comes from a wide range of backgrounds and professions and each of them has the heart to serve. We carefully vet each board member and committee member to ensure that the organization is made up of people of high integrity and an awareness of the mission at hand. 

Meet The Team


Crystal Willingham Andersen

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Board President

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Tobaski Snipes

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Board Secretary


Maggie Horat

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Board Treasurer


Floreine Turlington

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Board Member


building a Lifeline of support...

How we help individuals

Individuals can apply for financial assistance with the following:

  • Payments for fees associated with state identification and driver's license

  • Costs of moving and temporary housing

  • Costs related to alternative, non-traditional types of housing, ie, tiny house, vanlife, rvlife.

  • Transportation costs, vehicle registration, and insurance

  • Payments for a post office box

  • Fees for tuition, educational programs and self-help programs

  • Other fees not covered by state or federal assistance programs, including alternative healthcare services (ie. naturopathic care, chiropractic, etc)

  • Emergency situations on a case-by-case basis.

How we help organizations and programs
  • Organizations and programs can apply for financial assistance to help them provide their services. 

  • We also provide funding assistance to organizations in need of non-profit consulting services.

  • We do not provide funding for administrative costs or salaries. 

Criteria for getting help

Organizations and programs must apply for financial support during our open application period (Click here to be added to the notification list when the application period opens). Applications will be evaluated and if grants are awarded, applicants will be notified.

To qualify, organizations and programs must serve the needs of homeless young adults with 

  • advocacy, 

  • transitional housing, 

  • mentoring, 

  • mental and physical health services, 

  • education, 

  • and other services.

Individuals can apply at any time and if they meet the specific criteria for assistance and there are funds available, we will provide help as quickly as possible. 

Individuals must be able to demonstrate that they are 

  • actively seeking an end to their homelessness, 

  • seeking or receiving support from other organizations, 

  • in school or working, or 

  • seeking to better their situation. 


Emergency financial help is available on a case-by-case basis. 


Individuals may also apply for assistance on behalf of a homeless young adult or group of young adults as long as they meet the criteria. 

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