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New Empowership Program for Homeless Young Adults

Angel Mendoza Memorial Empowership Fund

For Homeless or At Risk Young Adults (18-24) seeking Entrepreneurial Education

Angel Mendoza was driven to succeed on his own terms as a teen. In young adulthood, he was drawn to sales and marketing, following the leadership of the likes of Grant Cardone, Les Brown and other success coaches. Angel planned on getting his real estate license and was building an online resale business when tragedy struck. Just days after his 25th birthday, Angel was killed in a car accident.

Like many young adults, and specifically those we aim to reach at Empower Life, Angel at times had unstable housing and needed to rely on friends to help him as he charted his own path to adulthood.

In memory of his goals and achievements as well as his struggle to become a self made man and entrepreneur, Empower Life has established the Angel Mendoza Memorial Empowership Fund.

This fund is for homeless or at risk young adults with a desire to gain their education in entrepreneurial studies. We are currently seeking funding for this resource from donors and partners and hope to be able to provide empowerships beginning in the summer of 2022.

Please consider making a donation to this fund. At Empower Life, we are focused not only on helping young people survive but also on finding and creating opportunities for them to thrive. We live in unprecedented times in which people can take their passions and ideas to serve others and build a livelihood. We seek to expand the horizons of young people and empower them to believe in themselves. This empowership is geared towards those individuals with a dream and vision, to provide them with tools and education to reach their goals in life. With this empowership fund, Empower Life will provide memberships to individuals that meet our eligibility criteria to leading online course platforms such as Skillshare, Coursera, and Masterclass as well as provide funds to support students in our demographic accepted to the Center for Entrepreneurship at WSU.

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