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Local Non-Profit Seeks Funds for Homeless Young Adults

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Empower Life Empowerships Fundraiser

Empower Life provides funds for programs and services that meet basic unmet needs, mental and emotional health needs, life skills, and career training needs for homeless and at-risk young adults age 18-24.

We are currently seeking tax-deductible donations that will enable us to give funds to young adults for the following programs and services.

Housing and mentoring

1. Snipes H3 - this program provides a dormitory-style living facility and daily mentoring to homeless young adults aged 18-24. Mentorship is also available to at-risk young adults for a sliding scale fee based on need and ability to pay. This Empower Life empowership covers the cost of both the housing program and mentoring. The cost per participant is $800 per month. Empower Life is currently providing empowerships to 8 participants in the program. To meet the needs of these individuals, Empower Life is asking for donations to reach a goal of $120,000 to cover one year of housing and mentoring for any young adults eligible to enter this program. For more info visit

Mental and emotional well-being

1. Rest and Rejuvenate (Chill Encounter - Blessed by Kess) Empower Life is asking for donations to provide individual empowerships to young adults age 18-24 to have the opportunity for scheduled "time outs". Gifting a young person the time and space for mental and emotional well-being is critical, especially when life is extremely difficult and many basic needs are a struggle. Rest and Rejuvenate provides 30 minute and one-hour chair massage sessions with music and aromatherapy. Building a culture of self-care and wellness is an important mission for Empower Life, and we are grateful to be able to partner with Blessed by Kess to share in this mission. We are raising funds to provide one month of weekly sessions to homeless or at-risk young adults. The cost of one month (4 sessions) is $100 per person. We would love to be able to support a minimum of 15 individuals for this service per month and our goal is to raise $1500 per month for this. Visit their website for more details.

2. Take a Break Tri-Cities - Break rooms. Mental and emotional well-being tools and techniques take many forms. Tricities newest breakroom is one such tool. "A break room (also called a “rage room”) is a room where you can break items by throwing them or you can choose a tool that is provided, like a baseball bat or golf club, and break your items! It is a safe place where you will be provided protective gear and can release emotions, de-stress, and have fun!" Empower Life is seeking donations to provide empowerships to homeless and at-risk young adults for one monthly session of this service as needed. The cost per person is $35 for a 20 min break room session. To support a minimum of 15 individuals we are seeking to raise $600 per month. For more info visit their website .

Education, life skills, and career enhancement

1. The Angel Mendoza Memorial Empowership Fund for Entrepreneurial Education. At Empower Life, we are focused not only on helping young people survive but also on finding and creating opportunities for them to thrive. We live in unprecedented times in which people can take their passions and ideas to serve others and build a livelihood. We seek to expand the horizons of young people and empower them to believe in themselves. This empowership is geared towards those individuals with a dream and vision, to provide them with tools and education to reach their goals in life. With this empowership fund, Empower Life will provide memberships to individuals that meet our eligibility criteria to leading online course platforms such as Skillshare, Coursera, and MasterClass as well as provide funds to support students in our demographic accepted to the Center for Entrepreneurship at WSU.

Empowerships are given to individuals who apply for and meet the criteria for the grant. We currently need community support with the goal of being able to fund empowerships by February 2022.

Please help us reach our goal! You can make tax-deductible donations on our website and also buy merch that supports all of our operations. This is just the beginning of the ways we intend to support our community. We are actively seeking partners in programming to develop more opportunities. Contact us today!

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